1997 Arctic Cat Panther 440 LongTrack 2-Up, fan cooled, 2266 miles. Welded auger/cargo rack mounted to back + trailer hitch. Track in good shape. The sled has hand warmers, reverse and electric start, but the electric start never worked since the day I got it several years ago. Reverse works fine and is a definite "must have". Since we lost the lake in 2020 (Wixom) I haven't run the machine so it has just sat in the garage so it could use a cleaning (a tune-up probably wouldn't hurt). At the start of each season, one shot of starting fluid in the cylinders and off she goes, a one-pull starter from then on. I've regularly run Sea Foam through it and changed plugs annually and I've typically run the fuel out of the system at the end of each season with Sea Foam added to stabilize the little bit of gasoline left in the tank. This has been the easiest starting snowmobile I've ever run, and the electric start is probably not a hard fix for gearheads if you're so inclined. I can honestly say that I never missed it due to the sled starting so easily.

Comes with extras:
  • three dollies (one rear for the track and two full-length cradle dollies for each front ski)
  • extra belt + 2 plugs (always kept under the cowling)
  • installed GPS mount and the Garmin GPS that goes with it (Garmin GPSMap 76CSx) including USB/computer cable and cigarette lighter power cord; the GPS unit is older model but like new and certainly useable
  • over 50 Saginaw Bay ice fishing waypoints collected over a span of about 30 years of ice fishing Saginaw Bay - they'll be left on the GPS (can you say "gold mine"....?)
  • 1997 Arctic Cat Repair Manual CD
  • set of brand new Woody's carbide wear bars that may or may not fit the skis - they were given to me by a friend who thought they might fit but I never checked; if not exact fits, they may work with nothing more than a simple added hole drilled into the skis
This has been a really solid ice fishing fishing machine for me and she never me stranded - not once. These fan-cooled, long track 440s are highly sought after run forever. The lack of ice (or rather, a LAKE) here at home and new health issues will prevent me from doing much SagBay ice fishing so there's no sense in me hanging on to it - it should go to a hardcore ice fisherman which I, sadly, no longer am.

NOTE: I've gotten some inquiries about potential trades. Unfortunately, I'm not up for any trades - the money from this sale will be used for other purposes. To those of you who have inquired, I appreciate the interest just the same.

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