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1988 Toyota Pickup

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This is a friends trucks, he needs to sell it soon.

1988 Toyota Pickup Shortbed

4x4, FI V6, 5 speed, 175K miles, RUNS AWESOME

welded rear
4.10 gears
Frame has no cancer. I sandblasted all/most of the rust off the body from the rear wheelwells forward and painted with marine industrial paint, this stuff won't let the body rust anymore, a lot like POR.
Topper painted black
$1600 OBO as it sits with the 33" buckshots on 8" steel rims, about 20% tread left (would need to be replaced in the spring
$1300 with stock tires and rims, which would also need to be replaced in the spring.

Anyone who has riddin with me knows that this is a very reliable vehicle offroad.. never stalls, sputters or spits... In the 9 months owning it I've put on about 14K miles and I've only had to replace the master cylinder.

Only trade is for a good tow rig, but would prefer cash... NO MORE PROJECTS

here is a link to his ad over at MJ
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o man if i didnt recently get a blazer i would be ALL OVER this! ERRRR
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