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18 Pike and Counting

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Just wanted to say that I am up to 18 pike so far this year through the ice.

Nothing but sub-24" though.. but still a lot of fun.
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These Houghton Lake Pike?
Not HL but straight east of HL in Ogemaw County. About 45 minutes drive from the west side of HL.

My buddy on HL said the ice is dandy, but he won't use it yet being a little leary of early ice.

I don't mind the ice moving so much. We used to fish float ice (buckling and moving) in the U.P. when I was young... so I am used to fishing on moving ice. I am not that crazy anymore though...
Just talked to my HL buddy and he said they have been killing pike on the west side not far from shore using tip-ups and shiners. Right out in front of Lymans. I think you can park in the village and walk there fairly easily.
Banditto,I think I know which lake you've been fishing and was wondering how much ice is on it?I know the lake next to it only has 1 1/2" on the south shore but has 5" in the narrows.......Gary
Skullyduggary, I think I told you before, but I have a cottage on George Lake and that is the lake in question. The lake isn't that big, only being about 240 acres or something like that.

Funny thing that wind effect.... it can be 35-40F but the wind blows directly across the lake and it always has ice early and later than most lakes around it.

AND it has holes 100 foot deep so it isn't a question of shallow water.
Banditto,Thats the lake I was thinking about,I fished it a half dozen times last year and I knoooow what you mean about the wind ....Thanks .....Gary
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