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162 gr. Hornady/7mm MAG Reload

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Currently shooting 162 gr Hornady BTSP/61 gr RL22 powder/CCI primer/Winchester brass in mid 1970 Remington 700 BDL w/synthetic stock and Leupold scope. 3 shot group at 100 yrds. 1 1/4". OAL is 3.28

Have tried different powder charges and different OAL with no better results. Looking for suggestions with using the same bullet.
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I have been using that same 162 grain Hornady setting on top of
65.8 grains of Reloader#22 with great results for almost 10 years
now using CCI#250 Lg. Rifle Magnum primers with Remington brass.

I have had great accuracy with this round for all of those years.

The only other combination that I use is the same mix,...
except I use AA#8700 (79.0 grains) which is my other favorite.

Both of these combinations are right at maximum loads,
so work up to them with your specific rifle.

(By the way,.. my rifle is also the 700 BDL) ;) :D
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I have found that the 162 grainers are the BEST all around hunting bullet weight.

They also perform the best out of my Remington 700 BDL for accuracy and kill energy. :cool: :D
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