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15" Male Beagle for sale

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I have a 15" male beagle that I will be selling. Houndman's Nitro. Since my divorce I have quit guiding and have no time to run him. He is the last Beagle I saved to run myself. He is 100% straight, has an excellent nose, and confirmation. He handles well and will run all day in almost any kind of conditions. He hunts hard and will jump and run rabbits to the hole or gun, alone or with a pack. He has a loud hard flying squall when running hot, and more of a bawl mouth when trailing.

He probably has around 1000 kills on him, and was started on cottontail, but run mostly on hare. He would be about a med- med fast hound, not rough, but not slow either. His sire is Gay Star- straight from Frank Reese, and Dam Houndman's Queenie. I do not know if I can find my papers on him since my ex took care of most of that, but wil assist buyer in getting his AKC papers if I cannot find them.

When I was guiding I would not have sold him for any price, but he deserves to be hunted, and I cannot do him proper justice. Please call me as I do not hardly have time to answer emails. Price- $400.00

Jim McCormack AKA-Houndman
(989) 233-2761
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He is AKC, and I think he will be 5 in the spring. When I have half a chance I will do some digging for his info, as for now I'm going from memory, which isn't so good sometimes anymore. I can tell you that he is a top notch hound!

You are welcome to call for any other info.

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