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Well my brother has seen some of my pictures so he decided to come up Sunday.
Three days before the wind was calling for 15 miles an hour. Two days before it was calling for 5. One day before was calling for 8. Luckily Sunday night it was 4 and we went out.
I was out Friday night and only shot 8. Only found them in one spot. The lake was actually freezing up as we are leaving. So we hit the lake Sunday about two just to make sure it wasn't frozen over, it was not. Luckily we saw a guy in a kayak and talked to him for a while and he mentioned where he had seen some carp three days before. I checked out that area three weeks before and didn't find anything. However he assured me he seen some while bass fishing and that was just with a small headlight.
So we hit that area around 5:30 and in about 40 minutes we had not seen one carp. I decided to try one more spot in that area before we headed out of there and we pulled up on a pod of about two dozen. We stayed there for two and a half hours and had three records.
I shot 33 fish which was my personal best. My brother shot 22 fish, which was his personal best. And we had 55 in the boat, which was a record for my boat.
At the end of the night some of the fish were pushed up against the shore in about 6 in of water. Just like they were spawning however they were not, no fish with eggs. Pods of 3-5 fish. Fish were getting lethargic and between that and the water depth it made for some pretty easy shooting.
Temperature was 40 degrees when we got out there in 35 when we got off the water. Perfect. Just missed the storm and had a great time with my brother. Not bad for the last day of the season.
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