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1/3-1/4 Best Waterfowling of the Year

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Had a phenominal weekend and I think our hunch was right on the rig. We went big... very big and we jut sucked the birds in.

Though we rigged out predominantly for geese, Saturday seemed to turn into a mallard shoot. 20 and then 15 geese.

For Sunday and with saturdays duck shoot fresh in our minds, we figured we'd take a crew and set up around a low spot in cut corn that held some water, figuring we'd have ourselves another fine duck shoot. ran a smaller rig becuase it required an ATV to get everything in, but we still ran 7 dozen duck and 12 dozen goose (7 sils, 5 BF/GHG). because we were bringing the ATV, I left my truck at the buds house to drive the other truck with the ATV. what happens when you end up not driving yourself? you forget... rubber boots, your camera, thermos and bibs!ended up borrowing my buddies too big waders. anyways,

took the crew out and it turned into a goose hunt! we were getting covered up in Geese and luckily, I had some good shooters. (One moment that stands out for me is getting 9 geese in the hole, 9 down.)
got them out of the field and did a buddy hunt with 3 other shooters, figuring the ducks were really yet to come. But considering we didn't want to sour the field for future goose shoots, we left them alone (except for pairs and suicide singles) and concentrated on the greenheads. Even with not shooting when flocks of geese were in the area, we ended the days total bag with 27 geese 22 ducks... of which, only 2 were hens from the morning!!

Asked one of the guys in the morning to send me a pic when they get them developed. I'll post up a photo when I get it.

by far, the best weekend I've seen here in Michigan!
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Went home at lunch to snap a photo of my ducks from yesterday. (my 1/4 of our 16 Greenhead bag). The sight of all those ducks cupping into the rig as it started to snow will be etched in my memory for a very long time!

Like I said earlier, I'll post up the goose pic as soon as I get it.
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C'mon Branta,
Give us guys that had a terrible weekend a break already! Just kidding....glad you had one to remember. Wish I could say the same, but then I have to admit my heart really wasn't in it this weekend. Being out there Saturday in darn near shirt-sleeve weather just didn't get me all that excited. We spent most of our day reliving our October trip to North Dakota. Then again, if I had had some birds locking up, feet down, like you did, I'd be singing a different tune. I guess next year I'll pass altogether on the January hunt, if we have one again. That makes three straight years that I've really wasted my time on this hunt.
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Great job Branta. Just ducky,,,,you never know what can happen,,,,it can be like your hunt sometimes or Branta's, you'll be out there next year and hopefully with birds like you dream of. Branta, we only had a few ducks work us in the field on Sunday,,,but when we seen them,,,there was no hesitation,,,they were gonna land,,,did you guys see that,,,or did you have to work em a little??? Once we were out of the blinds when we seen them and they were only out 100 yards and they still came in.
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We hunted around Shiawassee River Saturday, and we saw a lot of ducks, and TONS of geese, which weren't open there because it's a GMA. Lot's of Mergies flying there, just like the regular season. But the ducks were acting just like a month ago when the regular season ended....high fly bys and look sees only. None coming in without hesitation that we saw. We did manage one drake on a passing shot, but it was marginal at best.

And you're right.....I'm sure I'll be back out there next year. I just have to find the time to do some serious scouting for that season, and then the time to hunt it. LOL.
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Yup- they were coming. As the visibility started to fall one guy thought maybe we should be callin', "you know to let 'em know we're here." ah, they know right were this field is and where on this field they want to be. it was one of those "huntin' on the X" experiences.

you probably could've blown a your kids bike horn out there and they'd still bomb in. (Though I didn't tell the guys in the morning that! :D )
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I now what you mean Branta,,,,,I fail to bring to light when hunts like that occur that I really had little to do with what the ducks or geese did,,,except for the spot I put the decoys in and hid the blinds. The reallity is a hunter with a kazoo could kill em then,,,man I love it when they come in like that. On the other hand,,,just when you think your the waterfowl wizard,,,,the darn things will flare at 70 yards or skirt the spread and make you feel like you don't have a clue again. That's huntin:)
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I thought we were on the X Saturday. I glassed them all week in this field in the spot we set up and what happened? We watch all the geese leave the nearby lake in wave after wave and head south away from us. They never went that way the previous week. I live on the lake and watch them come and go. We had the big skunk.

It was a different day on Sunday. We almost went to a different spot but decided to go back to the same field and hope the geese returned to their pattern. The geese came in and wanted our spot and we had a great hunt. You can only wonder what causes these things to happen in nature.
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Sounds like a great hunt, congrats!!!

Carpe Diem
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