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Hi guys,

Just a quick little update for ya... I've still got tomorrow and the next day open (September 10th, 11th.) as well as October 5th & 6th with the calendar opening up pretty good after the 11th and John still has October 10th with the calendar opening up good after the 12th for anyone interested. The Motel also has some openings throughout the season... Just call the shop to check on, or book those dates. (1-877-422-5394)

That Rain we got this past Thursday when I wrote my last little update was just the thing we needed. On Friday the river wasn't colored up too much quite yet and we watched hordes of fish moving upstream all day while we fished the lower river. Tough to actually see 'em in many places other than the wakes, but in a couple of spots they were very visible and almost bumping into us. A VERY welcome sight to a slow starting season.

Even though the fish were on the move it turned out to be the best day I've had since then with some willing biters and our group trip of Ed, Ed, Anthony, Eric & Richard did well tossing Thundersticks. I didn't try to keep track of numbers at all, but we had plenty on, landed our fair share and even Brad and I got to hook and land one each right after/during lunch for a dinner and a show kind of thing. Didn't photograph them all including mine or Brads, but here's a few shots from the day...

Ed hit a home run first...

Anthony got the prize for most unique catch of the day, my first Bass down there...

Ed and Ed landed this double!

Brad holding Richard's nice bright hen.

On Saturday John and I had a group trip with D*ck, Drew, Doug and Todd. The water was up and colored quite a bit more making the bite a bit tougher, but we managed to get into several very nice fish that got the best of us and land a few others. Again, we saw tons of wakes all day and the actual fish in one spot making their way up to the spawning grounds for the big party. Only got one shot on my camera, but should have taken others. BTW, our warm water fish for the day was a pike.

Thanks, it was great having you guys!

On Sunday I had Bart and his wife Tara for the day and the action was OK, but not gangbusters. I was hoping with the water starting to drop and clear that the fish would begin to hold tight a bit, but all we could see was the continuous wakes moving upstream in the morning and just a few fish rolling around here and there in the afternoon.

Still, we had a number of short strikes, a few that tossed the lure after a few head shakes and a couple that found the net for an overall good time. It was great having some very good anglers in the boat (Evident first thing in the morning by the equipment of his own he brought.) and I hope to have you guys out again real soon. No warm water fish this day, but I'd more than make up for it the next...

Bart with a couple we actually landed! ;^)

Yesterday I had Dave and his sister Anica(sp?) out for the day. Both are fly fishers we've had before and done well with, but neither of them had ever done any real fishing with spinning gear and they were up for trying it. Long story short is that they got it fairly fast and we had a couple of brief lost battles in the morning, but no one in the area we were in was doing much and the wakes moving up were few and far in between.

Moving up or down just one section down there could have easily done the trick, but I decided to just walk in to a couple of spots upriver instead with the fly gear they are more familiar with and my first fly foray of the season. Spot one was a strike out for us, but a few boats coming down had gotten on to some good spots and the next move upriver for us did the trick. Never did put a Salmon in the net, but fought a fair number (Some foul most fair.) that took us to the nearby wood and had some fun doing it! The real trophy for the day was another first for me or anyone else I know of on the PM in the mid to upper river, just call me the warm water specialist I guess...

Nice catch for the PM there Dave!

The water is dropping and clearing fast now and fish are starting to stage up well in the holes, not "much" of anything going on as to fish spawning yet so you won't "see" 'em as many anglers seem to think they have to, but there are pools throughout the system that are holding very good numbers of fish in them while waiting to spawn.

I'll probably continue to try the downriver hardware or Streamer thing for a while yet with any anglers I have willing to do so as the waves of fresh fish should continue to push thru for a while yet, but I do have the utmost confidence that I could also run a number of mid to upper river sections and have very little trouble finding pods of fish there to play with as well. In short, it's game on and I'll look forward to seeing many of you either on the water at the motel or in the shop!

The slow start didn't do us any favors so please stop by the shop for all your fishing needs! We are closing out all Sage FLI fly rods and Ross Cimarron & Rhythms reels for 30% off (discount only available on products in stock). Also, please keep in mind our Fall/Winter Steelhead School - Friday, November 7th thru Sunday, November 9th

Here are some details for our up coming Steelhead school ($450 per person, please call the shop to reserve space):

Friday - 6:30pm Meet @ Motel BBT! We have reserved the entire facility just for the school. 7:00pm Wine and cheese reception and introductions. 7:30pm Equipment Basics/Flies - The basic types, sizes & what they represent. Leaders - Construction and function. Lines - Weight, taper and function. Rods - Length, weight and action. Reels - Types, size, drag, set-up and backing. Gear - Waders, vest, etc... 8:30pm Discussion of various techniques. C & D, Single hand indicator, spey, and swinging streamers. 10:00pm Done for the night.

Saturday - 8:00am Breakfast, show up dressed comfortably. 8:45am Get ready to hit the stream. 9:00am Depart for morning fishing clinic. If you have a rod/rig that you'd like to use, feel free to bring it along. 9:15am Fishing Clinic. Demonstrate and use the various methods discussed the night prior. Q & A 1:00pm Back to camp for lunch. 2:15pm Great lakes Steelhead. Discussion of the history of these fish in the region as well as it’s habits and habitat at various points of the seasons. 3:00pm Collect actual food samples and compare actual to artificial to "match the hatch". 3:30pm More work on technique, then back to camp. 6:30pm Dinner.

Sunday - 8:00am Breakfast 9:00am Pair up in twos, then meet your guide for the day's float trip and hit the river for a full day of fishing and learning. Your guide is first and foremost an instructor, take advantage of the one to two ratio as well as his knowledge and skill. Your lunch will be provided by the guide and cooked on-stream. 5:00pm Graduation @BBT!

Please contact the shop to sign up for our steelhead school.

Information on our Destination travel-

We only have two spots left for our first week in Argentina (January 17 - 24) and two spots left in the second week (January 24 - 31). The package price per person based on double occupancy is US $2,995.00 and includes:

· Six full days guided fishing (with expert, local bilingual (Spanish-English) fly-fishing guide)
· All your lodging, meals and beverages. (Including Beer & Wine)
· Transportation to and from the Airport in Bariloche

Please contact John or I for more details and/or if you would like to reserve a spot on this great trip!

Tight lines all,

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I still have a few weeks before I head up. I am definitly wooding up lookin at these pics. Salmon just tend to do that to me.
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