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  1. Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports
    I am looking to get into west Michigan pier fishing and have some question about early December- late January. There is not much info regarding this specific time. What types of rod, reel, line should I be using? General consensus on these forums seems anywhere from 8-12 ft. I’m very curious...
  2. Fish Recipes
    So the other day I cooked up some whitefish. I have eaten whitefish plenty of times, but this was my first time cooking it. This recipe would work great for fish like walleye, pike, perch, and probably many others. I baked it on top of asparagus, and lemons with a home made aioli sauce on...
  3. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    For those headed this way you might be confined to perch. The main lake is deteriorating fast with the mild temps. So far the ice in Cooks Bay and the stretch from Virginia Beach to Beaverton is holding up but the pressure cracks are becoming a problem. Fishing has been excellent this past week...
  4. Icefishing Lk. St. Clair
    This year there are lots of whitefish in the perch grounds on Simcoe. Here is a technique to catch some of them if your coming.
  5. SSPX0412

    White fish caught in 12 inches of water on jack hook 2/14
  6. Whitefish 5

  7. Whitefish 4

  8. Whitefish 3

  9. Whitefish

  10. Whitefish 1

  11. Whitefish 101

  12. Whitefish 101

  13. Whitefish 101

  14. Whitefish

    Jigging for whitefish
1-15 of 15 Results