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  1. Michigan Non-Game Animals, Plants, and Scenery
    One of my new resolutions is to begin to identify plants while doing yard work and pulling 'weeds' . It seems like a weed is simply a plant that one is ignorant of its proper name. Rather than just being content to pull weeds, I'd like to rid myself from the ignorance of not knowing what...
  2. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    I am looking for lake maps or studies that show the weedbeds in lakes and hopefully label the type of weeds. Is anyone familiar with any resource for this type of information.
  3. Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training
    My son's young female golden won't leave toads, toadstools, mice, bark, weeds, anything and everything she can get ahold of, alone. She usually chews but sometimes will ingest things and sometimes becomes extremely sick. I've run up hundreds of dollars in vet bills because I'm scared when she's...
  4. musky/pike trolling rig: short leader to long leader

    Musky trolling rig w/ removable section for casting: short (1.5 to 2 foot) leader section terminal end to butt end of long (4 to 8 ft) leader section. Can remove long section for casting.
  5. musky/pike trolling rig: main line to leader

    Musky/pike trolling rig w/ removable section for casting: main line to 1st leader section, with dropped snap for weight. 2 variations.
1-5 of 5 Results