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  1. Hunting Stuff
    Cabelas Men's 400-gram Slip-On Mocs, Size 10D, 400 grams Thinsulate $45 CASH - Pick up in Richmond, MI
  2. IceFishingMichigan.com
    With the warmer temps putting water on the ice, I was wondering what everyone uses to waterproof their shanty . Im looking at the KIWI heavy duty camp dry spray. Has anyone used this before for their shanty. Or does anyone use anything else? Thanks
  3. General Michigan Hunting
    Hey all - I'm in the market for some new camo and boots. Normally, I hunt out of a ground blind with plenty of cover so my gear is pretty relaxed as far as pattern, warmth, and noise level. Toss on some every day winter boots and I can sit in the blind and no deer would see the difference...
1-3 of 3 Results