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  1. Hunting Articles
    This is the water hole location that started it all for us...at least the importance of water when it comes to evening feeding patterns and all day rut activity! Starting with shovels and followed by a lot of expansion throughout the years, our first waterhole was in need of improvement. Using...
  2. Hunting Articles
    The following game camera (cam) pictures happen to be some of my favorites...but you will need to read on to see all that they had in common. I have been a huge fan of cams since the late 90s when taking a lot of pictures meant using 36 exposure film instead of 24. By 2006 a rotation of 3...
  3. Hunting Articles
    Not every parcel needs more water. However...if you have daytime bedding areas with dry ambush sites on the way to evening food sources, adding water can be an outstanding feature to your small parcel. Large ponds can take up way too much space, while at the same time creating an area of higher...
1-3 of 3 Results