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  1. IMG_0042

    This is a 7 or 8 pt at some private land in Whitmore Lake. We came up to 25 Yd on a Polaris Ranger. It stood there for a good 3 min.
  2. buck51

  3. buck31

  4. buck43

  5. buck21

  6. buck11

  7. Buck47

    the buck i shot during the 2007 youth hunt. this buck weighed 230lbs dressed and was shot in Menominee, Michigan. he had a inside spread of 22 1/2 inches. he was over 11 1/2 years old. this buck also was on the front page of the Menominee Journal.
  8. Junk_Season_II

  9. 3 bucks in Velvet

    These three were in my back yard earlier this summer
  10. 8 Point in Velvet

    Caught a pic of this guy standing in the woods behind my barn
  11. Summer Buck

  12. Summer Buck

  13. buck

  14. clarebuck2

    QDM Works!
  15. up close and personal

    buck standing in front of trailcam
  16. twos a crowd

    buck in velvet
  17. fours company

    Photo of deer on a piece of property I hunt.
1-20 of 22 Results