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  1. peppers

  2. Two Happy Campers & Saginaw Bay Walleye

    Two Happy Campers & Saginaw Bay Walleye
  3. 2006-2007

    my first two velvets harvested with bow on sept.3 2007 in Ky
  4. two 8pts

    two 8pts
  5. two 8's

    two 8 pointers in 24 hours, same stand
  6. opening day double

    I don't have any trail cam pics. of either one of these bucks and have not seen them all year until opening day of muzzle loader. The 11 pt. came in first chasing a doe, I shot him over her back and she just turned and watched him run off. She never left the food plot! I reloaded very slow and quiet
  7. unicorn_and_doe

    Unicorn and doe taken with a rifle, 10 minutes apart from each other.
  8. ohio bucks

  9. my 2007 bow kills

    2007 bow kills
  10. 2007 sw colorado Mulies

    Just like whitetails but different.
  11. Picture_190

    Grandpa and I with our biggest bucks
  12. Evart 2005

    That's mine on the left (stage right)
  13. REHBUCKS X 2

    Shot same morning, 30-06, 180gr Swift A Frames.
  14. REHBUCKS X 2

    Both good bucks and shot same morning.
  15. wow_thats_what_a_deer_looks_like

    our biggest of 04
1-20 of 31 Results