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  1. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    I am looking at mounting a trolling motor to the cavitation plate of my main 150hp motor to use just for walleye trolling. Does anyone have experience with these motors, made by minnkota?
  2. Boating and Boat Rigging
    Okay, so here we go. Finally purchased a new tritoon, and it needs GPS/Sonar, and (eventually!) a trolling motor. I have an advanced engineering degree, and apparently I'm going to need it when looking through the GPS/Sonar literature. And I mean all of it... :confused:o_O. Looking through...
  3. Tackle Talk
    I am having a hard time making up my mind on which way to go. I love the options of both units.I cant find any updated blogs to know if minnkota or motor guide have fixed any bugs. I'm just getting ready to by my electronics . So this will help me decide humminbird or lowrance. Wondering what u...
1-3 of 3 Results