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  1. Trenton Channel 7 10 2014 Jigging

    Jigged up a nice muskie on a 3/4 OZ JIG with a Black and Silver Fins 5 inch bait.
  2. Drifting the Trenton Channel

    The Hoseshoe in action. Conditions were kind of tough in 07, but the fish were still biting as long as the river wasn't mud.
  3. Trenton Channel walleye, Memorial Day 2002

    This is a nice 22" walleye taken on a shiner and 3/4 oz. jig in the Trenton Channel Memorial Day weekend, 2002. Weather was cold with air temp at 47, it made for a very cold boat ride. This picture was taken at the boat launch at Elizabeth Park.
1-3 of 3 Results