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  1. Warm Water Species Fishing
    Hey y'all, I'm from Texas and going to be visiting Traverse City around Labor Day in September to see some family and fish. I'm gonna be staying on Spider Lake and I was wondering how the fishing is there. I mainly fish largemouth bass down in Texas on crankbaits, rattletraps, Texas rig senkos...
  2. General Discussion
    hi all i would appreciate any help finding boat storage in traverse city i am moving to tc and have a new 21' alumacraft that i will be towing to various ports - east and west bay, frankfort, elk rapids, leland, lake leelanau.... the condo association probably does not allow boats to be...
  3. Traverse Steelhead

    Grand Traverse Bay Steelhead in March
  4. NB's 5#+ SMB

    7/5/07 Grand Traverse Bay
  5. NB's 5#+ SMB

    7/5/07 Grand Traverse Bay
  6. CW's 6#2oz SMB

    7/5/07 Grand Traverse Bay
  7. CW's 6#2oz SMB

    7/5/2007 Grand Traverse Bay
  8. East Bay Salmon 8-12-06, Traverse city

    blue hypnotist glow fly behind black with gold 3D pattern hootchie mama, ball at about 64ft.
1-8 of 8 Results