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  1. Primitive Skills, Bushcraft, and Survival
    First time poster, looking for help to identify exactly what these pieces are. Found along the Shiawassee River. Sharpening stones? Thanks in advance for your input/suggestions.
  2. Other
    Hi all - hope everyone is staying safe out there. I have over 175 flashlights I’m looking to get rid of. I have various models from UltraFire, Streamlight, JetBeam, SOG, Felix and many more brands. Open to selling individually, as sets or all together. Pricing starts at $10. If you’re looking...
  3. Maple tapping tools

    Equipment list: clean milk jug, twine, 7/16" spade bit, spiles, hammer, knife (not shown) and drill. Only caveat here: I prefer a 7/16" bit and brace instead of a cordless drill. The cold temps of February kill the battery too fast!
1-3 of 3 Results