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  1. Boating and Boat Rigging
    Hello all, Digging into whether or not I need new control cables on a 1997 Honda BF90A / Lund 1700 Pro Sport. The throttle lever feels weird throughout its throw sometimes, and I think the cable is past time for replacement. Is the cable a made-to-measure item, or is it simply a part number...
  2. General Discussion
    Help, new to me but in great shape, need help with this issue. Its a jiffy pro4 propane 1st generation with the aluminum fuel line. Starts and idles great, give it throttle and it initially takes and turns auger, any more and it dies. Someone must have the answer?
  3. Shift controls for kicker

    Shift controls for kicker. Need to attach to sidewall, and make a hole for cable and wiring harness.
1-3 of 3 Results