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  1. Camping, Sight-seeing, Tourism, RVs
    I moved to Texas and did not expect much good backpacking or hiking, but I found a gem in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, just south of Amarillo. The canyon, bright colored sandstone cliffs, and hoodoos (spires with rocks) are spectacular. I hiked the GSL trail, Lighthouse Trail, Rock Garden...
  2. Whitetail Deer Disease
    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2017 TEXAS TAHC CWD TSE PRION SURVEILLANCE AND REPORTING UNDER QUESTION, 14 CAPTIVE CASES CWD DETECTED http://chronic-wasting-disease.blogspot.com/2017/12/texas-tahc-cwd-tse-prion-surveillance.html kind regards, terry
  3. Out of state hunts
    Anyone ever hunt at Independence Ranch, in Waelder, TX.? I am interested in bowhunting for hogs but not sure. Reviews seem good compared to others but prefer to hear it from real hunters.
  4. Feral Pig Control and Hunting
    On the road headed to Texas to hunt some hogs. Hoping to cleanup and bring back some coolers full of meat. Gonna be around the Palestine area where my uncle has a 500 acre ranch and we will also be heading to another ranch. Should be a good time with my wife and some buddies. Hopefully pics to come.
  5. Redfish, Texas Gulf

    24" redfish caught on shrimp, in the Texas Gulf back bays, near Port Aransas, TX. Caught about 10am, air temp in the 50s, water temp in the upper 40s. Water depth about 5 feet, outgoing tide.
  6. Whiting, Texas Gulf surf

    Gulf Kingfish, aka whiting, caught on frozen shrimp in the Gulf near Port Aransas, TX. Used a 2-hook "bluefish rig" with a 3 oz. pyramid sinker. Outfit was a 8 or 9 foot Saltstriker rod with a Shimano Sedona reel.
  7. Texas Crappie

    Some Texas crappie, biggest one around 17"
1-7 of 7 Results