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  1. General Michigan Hunting
    I am a new gun owner, and I want to put a few rounds through my rifle to sight it in and to start to become familiar and comfortable with firearms. I have read the rules and regs about shooting in State Game Areas. But I wonder if there are unwritten rules, courtesies, or accepted practices...
  2. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    This YouTube video shows a guy shooting a 50 cal. sniper rifle at a steel plate that is 1,000 yards away and the bullet ricochets off the plate, comes right back and bounces off the dirt, and knocks the earmuffs off the guy's head. It all happens within a couple of seconds.
  3. Hunting Stuff
    Made this out of 1/4" steel pipe years ago for sighting in my rifles. Virtually indestructible unit, fully height adjustable front rest . Wide padded rest on the rear allows side to side movement for tracking a slow moving target. Has 1/2" thick insulation covered by electrical tape on center...
  4. Firearms
    Looking for a state land that is open during the lockdown to the public (around Eastern Michigan, Detroit area) that also hosts the permissions to target shoot. Preferably somewhere I can go to break in a new rifle without disturbing residential areas or any hunters that may be out. I am...
  5. Firearms
    The Michigan DNR announced that all State of Michigan public shooting ranges have been closed, effective at 08:00 AM today: https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-98163-522163--,00.html
1-5 of 5 Results