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  1. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Good evening all. Fished Lake Mitchell this evening just to check ice mainly. I just got home and my truck tailgate was down, gear gone. Turned around and retraced my path back to the lake (15 min drive). Nothing. Hoping one of you good ice junkies found it. It was a Jet sled xl with a tow bar...
  2. Tackle Talk
    Hey all, looking to talk to some seasoned muskie anglers who can recommend baits and colors. I'm not going to ask for your secret spots or ask for a seat on your boat. I plan on paying a guide to go out with in the spring who can help me build fundamentals. I want to have some of my own gear...
  3. Tackle Talk
    I'm looking for some plans/drawings to make rod trees to. I have 2' dia. aluminium tubing. Any help would be appreciated. Height - length of holders - angle of holders -
  4. Fishing Stuff
    Looking for mid - high end bass gear that’s not in best shape but can be fixed(no broken frames don’t mind cosmetic flaws). somewhat Older quality reels is good also! (my only way into quality tackle being a broke college kid). If you have any good rods with broken guides you want to get rid of...
  5. Tackle Talk
    Hey guys just wanted to see if anyone else has tried out Dead End Tackle yet and knows where I can get more (not online). My wife ordered an assortment for me online and they are beautiful, first jigs I've owned with 3d eyes and they really add something to it. They all look good but I can't...
  6. Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports
    I want to fish the pier(s) and surf in Frankfort and I have been reading that the night bite is normally the best time for a hook up. I am a newbie to Lake fishing (east coast surf fisherman) so I have some questions and need advice on tackle etc. I am not a total novice since have fished the...
  7. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    We got herring in. prem, strips. 6 in a pouch frozen. 9.99 We just got new wide assortment perch pounders in. We got spawn and bags. We got minnows, leaches, wigglers. and suckers. Give us a call ask for Don. He is the sporting dept manger.
  8. Tackle Talk
    Anyone know of a good place with a wide selection of spoons (all varieties) withing 30-45 minutes outside of grand rapids? Thanks!
  9. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    Lighthouse Anglers Bait Shop now offers 24/7 Local Delivery! In the Port Huron thru St.clair area. Look them up on Facebook or stop into Lighthouse Tackle located on Garfield street in Port Huron.
  10. Tackle Talk
    I know this is a large order, but I think it'd be something nice and would help out a lot of fishermen and beginners to the sport. I've been looking around online recently and have been trying to get my tackle set and ready for spring/summer fishing this year and have a decent amount ready from...
  11. BulletBobbers

    New Patent Castable Mini Planer Boards that flip direction and color when given a little tug. www.bulletbobber.com
  12. Downrigger setup

    Downrigger setup on my 17 ft Lund Pro Sport
1-13 of 13 Results