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  1. sunrise on Holloway

    sunrise 7-17-10
  2. Ice Fishing

    Sunrise at Gino's
  3. Sunrise on 35

    This is the sunrise I saw when I looked out the window on my 35th birthday. Everything after this was just whipped cream on top
  4. Kids Love Fishing!

    Even the kids love to get some early morning fishing in while camping.
  5. Sunrise on field hunt

    Sunrise on bean/corn fields
  6. Sunrise through fog at 17 below

    N Quebec sunrise through the fog at 17 below
  7. Early mornin

    sunrise on saginaw bay
  8. Deer Camp View

    Harrisville 'deer camp'
  9. ice angler's dawn

    Lake St. Clair Icey Sunrise
  10. Sundays Sunrise

    Sundays Sunrise @ 7:26 a.m. :)
  11. November Duck Hunt

    A November Day in the duck Marsh in Hamlin Lake (near Ludington).
  12. Canadian Sunset

    Sunset on Lake Nagagimissis near Hearst, Ontario, Canada.
1-13 of 13 Results