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  1. Panfish Mix 5-12-17

    7-8 inch Sunnies 'n Gills + a 13.99 inch Crappie! JUST missed Master Angler with this!! It was a good day. I kept enough for 2-3 meals.
  2. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Hello folks. I was wondering what the laws and etiquette are surrounding sunfish species. I was doing a bit of research on fishing for sunfish and stumbled across some videos on setting different traps for them. Fishing in S.W. Michigan in the 70's as a kid, I had never heard of trap fishing...
  3. Warmouths

    A collection of 4 beautiful Warmouths I've caught in recent years. Warmouth is a type of Sunfish. Some can be very dark, some very light. It all depends on what environment they dwell in most often throughout their lifespan.
  4. Green Sunfish

    Caught this beautiful Green Sunfish in 2016 while casting a bait weightless near the shoreline of a lake. Lovely color scheme on this fish. As a multi-species angler, I love catching all shapes, sizes, and types of fish.
  5. Sunfish caught by Dustin's son (brightened)

    Huge sunfish. Trimmed and brightened.
  6. Sunfish caught by Dustin's son (brightened)

    Huge sunfish. Brightened to see the fish better.
  7. Crappie and Gills

    Summertime Crappie and Gill limit
  8. gillin'

    june bluegills
  9. Evening Success 12707

    Some of the fish caught behind the Raft
  10. duck lake 7-8-06

    A decent day with the boys at Duck Lake.
  11. Huge Slabber Sunny

    Biggest Sunfish I've ever seen and he through it back?
  12. Redear Sunfish

    Redear Sunfish
  13. Redear Sunfish

    Redear Sunfish
  14. Redear Sunfish

    Redear Sunfish
  15. Redear Sunfish

    Redear Sunfish
  16. Redear Sunfish

    Redear Sunfish
1-16 of 16 Results