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  1. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Just watched the most recent Jeff Sturgis video. Love his videos and strategies. But that doesn't mean I 100% agree with him on everything. Several times recently, he has mentioned how much less likely a hunter is to spook deer if always sitting while in a treestand. I have contended for many...
  2. Hunting Articles
    There is so much discussion concerning exactly when to be in the woods...WHEN is the pre-rut, rut, etc. For me personally, I only hunt cold fronts; meaning that I completely disregard the moon as well as avoid any certain calendar day of the month...for example, "I always have to be in the woods...
  3. Hunting Articles
    Introduction What size do you think a tiny hunting parcel is? It wouldn't surprise me one bit if some of you answered 500 acres. Well, what about 200 acres? Can you imagine 100 acres? Certainly 40 acres probably would seem extremely small to most, however, what if I were to tell you that an...
  4. 2011 WI Bow Buck

    Broke his tines after the shot...would have still shot him without them :)
  5. 2011 WI Bow Buck

    Very tall...very cool 5 year old buck
1-6 of 6 Results