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  1. South West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    I moved to East Lansing for work in August after being in eastern Virginia for a few years, just getting back into trout fishing. Grew up fishing in the Wolverine/Gaylord area, but don't have much stream knowledge here. I know streams are unmentionable, can anybody PM me some places where I...
  2. South East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    New to the forum and new to fly fishing Michigan. From Atlanta GA and have fly fished the Chattahoochee some. Just picked up a new rig from Red Fox (6wt 9ft Clearwater rod with a lamson guru 2 reel). Couldn’t wait to take it out for a test run so threw out a couple of wooly buggers on the...
  3. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Now, I know a title like the one above can cause quite a debate about the health and long-term quality of our fisheries here in the state of Michigan, and in fact, has been a highly argued point for much time now across the country. In some cases, we rely on fishermen to take fish from the...
  4. Clinton River Charts

    Water level of Clinton River @ Auburn Hills on 3/11 PM
  5. Clinton River Charts

    Water height for Clinton River At Auburn Hills up to 3/11/09 PM.
  6. Stream brown

    I caught this 12" fish on a stream in NW Michigan, on an olive emerger pattern. He put up a real nice fight.
1-7 of 7 Results