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stream fishing
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  1. Boats and Watercraft
    River ready package. Comes with anchor, rope, 6.5' Sawyer oars, seats, 3-piece frame, and gear rack. Boat is easy to load by yourself onto a car or back of truck. Great for Michigan streams and rivers. Just in time for salmon season. In good shape. Great boat/raft to add to your fishing...
  2. South West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    I moved to East Lansing for work in August after being in eastern Virginia for a few years, just getting back into trout fishing. Grew up fishing in the Wolverine/Gaylord area, but don't have much stream knowledge here. I know streams are unmentionable, can anybody PM me some places where I...
  3. South West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Hello hope someone can help. I live in northwest Ohio and have just started fly fishing in May. I have attempted to look at the trout map online but in Ohio we don't have types of streams. So ultimately I get lost. I'm about a hr away from hills dale county and would love to find any streams...
1-3 of 3 Results