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  1. Steelie

  2. Frankfort 7-5-06 Ralph w/14# Steelie

    Frankfort 7-5-06 Ralph w/14# Steelie
  3. Nice Big Manistee Steelie(3-28-03)

    Nice Stellie being released near the Tippy Dam on 3-28-03
  4. "Monster" Steelie

    caught 10/13/02.
  5. Higherpowered's Steelie

    Higherpowered and his nice Steelie. Thanks, Rick!
  6. Early season Steelhead

    This is a dark winter fish I caught early this steelhead season, the sour look on my face is because I lost the biggest steelhead I've ever hooked at the bank this same day.
1-8 of 8 Results