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  1. Darkhouse Spearing
    Has anyone ever tried it? Any advice on location where you may have been spearing? I got access this week since my Dad just moved in there.
  2. Out on black lake feb-5-2011

    On the ice to the south of my shack on black lake feb -5- 2011..
  3. Black lake weekend of feb-54

    Big bucks on my property this is the 20 inch spread there's a smaller buck behide him.
  4. Fire Tiger Decoy

    Fire Tiger Decoy I made up.
  5. New 6x6 Darkhouse

    New 6'x6' Darkhouse 2-10-07
  6. Pike 2-20-7

    16# 39"' speared on a Kent County Lake.
1-8 of 8 Results