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  1. Darkhouse Spearing
    I am planning to join the sturgeon spearing fun at Black Lake this year for the first time. I know it's probably a long shot for me to actually get one, especially having no experience at it, but it sounds like a really fun time either way. I know my 6 and 3 year old sons will love seeing the...
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Collector Looking for Old "Wooden Waterfowl" Decoys ( Ducks or Geese ) , Large Woodtailed Fish Spearing ( Ice ) Decoys , Well Made Spears too. [email protected] or text photos of whatever you may have to 248 Five three five - Seven one five six
  3. Darkhouse Spearing
    Would mild steel be suitable for making a spear? I have access to everything I’d need to make it and welders through my high school but mild steel can’t be hardened; not sure if that’d cause an issue with barbs bending or breaking off. And what material for the handle? Round stock, pipe, wood?
  4. Darkhouse Spearing
    Thanks for your time, and any input you wish to share
  5. image268

  6. ice time

    past few years on the ice
  7. ice time

    past few years on the ice
  8. ice time

    past few years on the ice
  9. ice time

    past few years on the ice
  10. ice time

    past few years on the ice
  11. killed the flownder

    all the flownder my uncle tracy and i speared when i visited them down in North Carolina, great time, i speared tons of other fish aswell but don't have the pics, maybe next time.
  12. flownder/black tip reefshark

    6lb flownder i speared and a 31 in black tip reef shark i got down in North Carolina
1-12 of 12 Results