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  1. South West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Cast net fishing for smelt is legal in Lake Michigan and I'm wondering if anyone has tried it off the piers to catch smelt staging and waiting for the magic 43 degree F stream temperature to begin their run?
  2. Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers
    Has anyone had any luck with smelt? I fished crystal lake in But only marked a few in 60 f.o.w. off lobb road, ice was good 8 plus inches. Anyone fish green lake or cedar ?
  3. SMELT

  4. 3-23-13 HIGGINS SMELT

    3-23-13 HIGGINS SMELT
  5. 3-23-13 HIGGINS SMELT

    3-23-13 HIGGINS SMELT
  6. Smelt Dipping

    Part of a 40 minute 5 man limit
  7. Smelt Diet Bluegills!

    I found baby bluegills in some of my smelt.
  8. Guess how many there are in this gallon?

    1 gallon smelt + 2 perch
  9. smelt photo

    Smelt and tomcod fishing on Koyuk River just out in front of the store.
  10. My first Smelt

  11. Smeltville

    Higgins Lake smelt ville 2/28/04
1-13 of 13 Results