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  1. South East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    New to the forum and new to fly fishing Michigan. From Atlanta GA and have fly fished the Chattahoochee some. Just picked up a new rig from Red Fox (6wt 9ft Clearwater rod with a lamson guru 2 reel). Couldn’t wait to take it out for a test run so threw out a couple of wooly buggers on the...
  2. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    Launched out of Harley at 8 on Sunday. Lot was full of bassboat trailers - lots of optimists prefishing for the Fall MonsterQuest tourney next weekend I guess. Wind is supposed to blow this weekend so who knows if they’ll run the TX or postpone again. We hit the firecracker area with the other...
  3. Warm Water Species Fishing
    OK, been watching this forum for a while, finally joined. Seems to have some great information and members. This is my first post. I've fished the East Bay a couple times, but I am finally getting a 3 day weekend to drive up to Traverse area and fish some of the smaller lakes for smallies...
  4. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Got out at last 4/27 mid-river, late afternoon and evening. A whole slew of things went wrong getting the boat together in an aborted attempt to set up some recently acquired toys, headed out way under-dressed for the wind over the chilly water (reading 41 to 42 degrees), and had to go back for...
  5. Warm Water Fishing Inland UP Lakes
    Hi, me and my dad will be taking a trip to the UP, June 18-25, staying in a cabin at Vessel bay. We have a 16 foot Deep V Tracker, and are well experienced in pike fishing the area. However, we are looking to target some smallmouth this year. Do you all have any tips for us?
  6. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    ....Anybody have one? Thinking about heading out this Saturday. Just wondering how its been going out there.... Thanks guys, MIke
  7. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    I have usually spent my spring chasing Wally's on the DR. Since C and R bass is open year round now, I am wanting to spend more time smallmouth fishing this year. My question is: When do the smallies start hitting on the lake? Have they started yet? Thanks, y'all.....
  8. Fly Fishing for Warm Water Fish
    According to the DNR, catch-and-release bass fishing is permitted all year (starting last year) - has anyone tried / had any luck throwing flies at river smallies in the winter? The Huron River in SE MI is closest to me. Thanks!
  9. Hunting Articles
    My wife and I recently got to spend a morning fishing Traverse City smallmouth bass with one of the best, if not the best, captains in Northern Michigan going after trophy smallmouth bass. Now this wasn't just any fishing trip, it was our first attempt to target smallies on any type of body of...
  10. CW's 6#2oz SMB

    7/5/2007 Grand Traverse Bay
1-10 of 10 Results