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  1. General Michigan Hunting
    I just recently moved from kentwood to otsego. Im a novice hunter and Ive never hunted around this area (typically id go north towards baldwin area). I was wondering if anybody had any information about the areas around here in allegan county. I deer hunt but im also very interested in turkey...
  2. Small Deer

    Small Deer, 1yr.
  3. big_salmon

    Salmon love
  4. is this a Pike or a Muskie

    I caught this in a small lake and I cant tell if it is a Northern Pike or a Muskie
  5. Hunting Articles
    Introduction What size do you think a tiny hunting parcel is? It wouldn't surprise me one bit if some of you answered 500 acres. Well, what about 200 acres? Can you imagine 100 acres? Certainly 40 acres probably would seem extremely small to most, however, what if I were to tell you that an...
  6. Small Deer Herd

    9 times out of 10 an hour before dark in the summer I see this small herd on this property. I would love to hunt here.
  7. the limit

    caught the limit up in grindstone city. great day with my buddy roody
  8. smallies

    a full day of landing smallies every other cast during spawning, Grindstone city , MI
  9. NB's 5#+ SMB

    7/5/07 Grand Traverse Bay
  10. NB's 5#+ SMB

    7/5/07 Grand Traverse Bay
  11. CW's 6#2oz SMB

    7/5/07 Grand Traverse Bay
  12. I got one !!

    I got just a little one
  13. Decent 23" Small Mouth

    Another in a line of decent fish I have caught in the last year.
  14. Lake Erie Small Mouth

    A Great Day at Lake Erie
  15. Small Smally

    Day on the Grand
  16. 18" smallie

    lake bellaire smallmouth oct 2002
1-20 of 23 Results