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  1. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Hi. I'm heading up to Benway Lake September 22. Any tips for fishing smallies on Intermediate this time of year? I've been up there several times in the spring but never in the fall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries
    Currently going to college at delta near Saginaw valley state university and have plenty of time to blow between and before classes and also on days off, but have no where to keep my boat while up here (18ft star-weld usually used to fish St. Clair river jigging / trolling the bay for eyes over...
  3. Warm Water Species Fishing
    A buddy and I are going up to the Au sable may 11th. We're fishing alcona pond the first day and then alcona to loud on the ausable on day two. Is there good fishing this time of year? What should we be using? any good tips on spots to fish? We'll be in kayaks. Any info or tips would be...
  4. South West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Hello hope someone can help. I live in northwest Ohio and have just started fly fishing in May. I have attempted to look at the trout map online but in Ohio we don't have types of streams. So ultimately I get lost. I'm about a hr away from hills dale county and would love to find any streams...
1-4 of 4 Results