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  1. Bear Skull Keeper

    The Bear BONEFEVER KEEPER. Designed to ShowCase Your Trophy. Get Your Today at Www.bonefever.com
  2. The Keeper Poster

    Trophy Artistry at Its BEST www.bonefever.com

    Bear Skull Pedestal. Trophy Artistry at its Best. Get Yours Today at www.bonefever.com
  4. Skull cleaning

    With beetles - coyote nasal
  5. Skull cleaning

    With beetles - beaver
  6. Skull cleaning

    With beetles - knarly old coyote
  7. Skull cleaning

    With beetles - turkey
  8. Skull cleaning

    With beetles - rabbit & red squirel
  9. Skull Mount - finished

    European Skull Mount - 2009
  10. Picture_00210

  11. My 1st. Skull Mount

    8 point taken in Menominee County in 2005. Skull was in 8 pieces because of head shot. Took 4 piece plaque to hold it in place.
  12. Skulls

    Skull on the left is from this years bear which dressed at 330 lbs.. The unofficial score on the skull was 19 1/8. The one on the right came from a bear I got in 2000.
  13. 6 point 2003 European Skull Mount

    European Skull Mount of my buck shot Nov 15, 2003. Did the mount myself.
1-13 of 13 Results