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  1. Redfish, Texas Gulf

    24" redfish caught on shrimp, in the Texas Gulf back bays, near Port Aransas, TX. Caught about 10am, air temp in the 50s, water temp in the upper 40s. Water depth about 5 feet, outgoing tide.
  2. Whiting, Texas Gulf surf

    Gulf Kingfish, aka whiting, caught on frozen shrimp in the Gulf near Port Aransas, TX. Used a 2-hook "bluefish rig" with a 3 oz. pyramid sinker. Outfit was a 8 or 9 foot Saltstriker rod with a Shimano Sedona reel.
  3. Pork fish, Long Key, FL

    Caught near Long Key, FL on live shrimp
1-3 of 3 Results