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  1. MichiganWaterfowl.com
    Just starting to get into layout hunting. What is the most common choke and shot size for this? 12G. I figure small ducks, typically decoying. #4 & IC? Yes yes - shoot straight and it won't matter. I can play baseball with a softball, but why not ask. Thanks!
  2. Hunting Stuff
    41 empty canvas shot bags for sale. $50 shipped. Paypal or Postal Money Order. SOLD - THANK YOU
  3. Reloading
    I looking to buy reclaimed Shot to reload load anyone know where i can get some around Bay City ? thanks
  4. SeaClear Houghton Lake Zoomed In Screen Shot.

    SeaClear Houghton Lake Zoomed In Screen Shot.
  5. Heart shot

  6. New Pup

  7. New Pup

    New Pup
  8. shot placement

  9. Fox 2Spe02

    Shot with Hornet.
1-9 of 9 Results