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  1. Firearms
    Hey everyone, I am looking for a place to rent for a weekend that I can take a crew of around twenty guys shooting, camping, and just goofing off outdoors. It can be a lodge but the budget the boss is giving me may not be adequate for that, or it may limit the funds for the fun stuff (ammo...
  2. Firearms
    The Michigan DNR announced that all State of Michigan public shooting ranges have been closed, effective at 08:00 AM today: https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-98163-522163--,00.html
  3. Hunting Stuff
    41 empty canvas shot bags for sale. $50 shipped. Paypal or Postal Money Order. SOLD - THANK YOU
  4. Firearms
    I am wondering where a good spot in Huron National Forest would be to do target shooting. I'm looking for a secluded area(not a firing range) with natural backstops (hills ridges ect) where I can set up shooting drills. I've never been to the national forest but it look like for google maps that...
  5. Hunting Articles
    One of the things on my agenda for this week is to start my summer archery routine and start getting my bow skills honed in for the upcoming deer season. I would love to say that I never stop shooting but that would be a lie. While I know that I should keep shooting all year long, as it would...
  6. One shot, one paper kill :)

    After fouling shot, this one hit the mark at 100 yards :)
  7. 200 yard target

    Not too bad......
1-8 of 8 Results