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  1. Fish Recipes
    I have caught a variety of fish this year and would like to try them all at least once. I have heard mixed feelings about eating sheepshead. Some love it and some throw them away. If anyone has a good recipe I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  2. Our catch of the day, 12/29/04

    Mixed bag from the Florida Keys - sheepshead and mangrove snappers.
  3. Sheepshead, Florida Keys

    4lb. sheepshead, caught on shrimp, Florida Keys, December 2004
  4. Sheepshead

    Lake Mac Drum
  5. Freshwater Drum - Master Angler

    Master Angler Sheepshead, caught while trolling for Salmon
  6. Bayou sheepshead

    Sheepshead caught from a Louisiana bayou, 1991.
1-6 of 6 Results