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  1. Saskatchewan Bear Hunt

    Saskatchewan Bear Hunt

  2. trophy wall

    trophy wall

  3. Canada head mounts

    Canada head mounts

  4. Saskatchewan Hunt 2001

    Saskatchewan Hunt 2001

    Bucks taken by myself, Kingfisher II, and friend Dean two years back.
  5. Uncle and Guide - Canada hunt

    Uncle and Guide - Canada hunt

    My uncle's 10 point and Kenny's 10 point.
  6. My brother - Canada

    My brother - Canada

    150 inch 10 point - 290 lbs.
  7. Group Photo from Canada

    Group Photo from Canada

    A few of the bucks we got in Canada this November.
  8. Dad's Canada buck

    Dad's Canada buck

    145 inch 14 point. Shot in Saskatchewan in Nov. 2002. This buck has 5 inch bases and weighed over 300 lbs.