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  1. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    The last couple of years, I have planted buckwheat in early June to help improve my soil. I drag the soil with a drag harrow, broadcast the seed (40 lbs/acre), drag an old spring mattress over it to get the seed down a bit, and then roll with a lawn roller. It barely germinates/takes, and when...
  2. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    I have a gas line that runs straight through the middle of my property. The soil is incredibly sandy (dune sand essentially), but still grows native species. Not easy to grow anything else. Do you think it would be beneficial for me to mow once or twice a year to provide a top mulch layer to...
  3. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    Hey guys, I have a property near Scottville, MI that has mildly acidic, sandy soil. I have been growing less than mediocre food plots, which attract deer in the late summer, but not in the fall. As the acorns fall, that is all they are attracted to. I am looking at planting fruit/nut trees as a...
1-3 of 3 Results