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  1. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Everyone that knows me knows I am a "safety first" kind of guy. Work safety, Car safety, gun safety, you name it. On November 15th it was proven to me that no matter how safe you think you are being, fate can reach out and slap you when you least expect it. Along with being a Bird Hunter I am...
  2. General Michigan Hunting
    Here is a picture of a stand that dumped a young guy earlier this week. He luckily wasn’t hurt. Looks like a big dog stand. I’m assuming it was put together correctly. If you have one of these be careful. It was purchased and put up in September.
  3. Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training
    I'm visiting fam in Mackinac county for 10 days in early august. Plan to do some upland training and preseason grouse/woodcock scouting. (I'm returning in October 2016 to hunt). Is there anything in particular concerning safety; my dog's? e.g. Snake boots, additional vaccinations, mosquito...
  4. Warm Water Species Fishing
    This topic comes up multiple times per year in all of the fishing forums. The link to the Coast Guard safety equipment requirements is here: http://www.uscgboating.org/images/420.PDF I didn't find that this info is a sticky at the moment. Thanks to the mods of this could be made a sticky.
  5. Hunting Articles
    No one wants to have an accident on a hunting expedition. Since navigating Michigan's diverse terrain can be difficult at times, the last thing you not want is to find yourself injured in the woods due to a gun accident. This will not only compromise your own ability to return to civilization...
  6. Hunting Articles
    As many of Michigan's hunting seasons are open and underway, an abundance of firearms are being utilized all throughout the state. In addition to being used in the field during actual hunting activities, those firearms are also being transported in vehicles and carried about by hand. As these...
  7. Hunting Articles
    The beginning of October was an exciting time for bow hunters. Starting October 1st, Michigan bow hunters were able to begin their first pursuit of the hunting season. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to get caught up in overwhelming anticipation of a long awaited bow hunt, but there are...
  8. General Michigan Hunting
    There are few things scarier than a wildfire. Though frequently seen in the news, wildfires are no less alarming each time a new one begins. As they burn uncontrolled, threatening wildlife, farmland, and even homes, many of us are forced to watch helplessly hoping it will soon burn out. The...
  9. F_&_S page 2

    Prusik/mainline system
  10. F_&_S page 1

    Prusik/mainline system
  11. Safety rope system

    My safety rope system at height in my treestand. Mainline extends to the ground.
1-11 of 11 Results