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  1. Tackle Talk
    Has anyone repaired a rod tip using Bondic, which is a UV-activated plastic adhesive that supposed to be able to do such repairs? The tip broke off one of my musky rods, which had action I loved. Actually the top broke once, and improved the action, for my purposes, then it broke again, and...
  2. Tackle Talk
    Hey all! My wife has given me a $200 allowance to purchase a new rod and reel to cast large musky and pike lures. I was thinking a medium heavy rod with a baitcaster, but wanted to get some advice/suggestions. Specific make/models would be appreciated as well! I'm new to baitcasters as well...
  3. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    I am looking for a rod builder in Michigan that can build me a good/decent salmon rod with a michigan style handle for fishing the fall salmon run specifically on the Betsie river. I can't stand the rods the industry puts out with those huge back handles and no foregrip. I will be using around...
  4. Fishing Stuff
    Two EyeCon 10'6" Trolling Rods used one time in like new condition. Med/Hvy Power. Moderate Action. You will not be disappointed in these rods. Selling only as a pair for $150. Contact Bob at 2 four 8 8 zero 4 3 0 nine 4. Price is firm. Thanks.
  5. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Hello, I was born and raised in Michigan, but now live in California. I am coming in tomorrow for an 8-day stay in Farmington Hills to visit family. Two days ago my teenage son decided last minute to join me on the trip. We started fishing lakes and ocean shore fishing last year in San Diego...
  6. Rod_trees

  7. Homemade riverbank rod holder buckets

    Shown here are a pair of rod holder buckets that I made in my home workshop. They not only keep my rods and reels up and out of the dirt, but give me a place to keep my fish alive other than by using a stringer. I've yet to hook a fish that can move one of my 7 gallon buckets with 50 lbs of water
  8. Shore fishing equipment

    Beach cart we put together from a jogging stroller. Holds a tacklebox, cooler, 4 rods & beach spike holders, a couple chairs & whatever else you can balance on top.
  9. Shore fishing equipment

    Surf Rod-holder spike (front view) my hubby made
  10. Shore fishing equipment

    Surf Rod-holder spike (rear view) my hubby made
  11. white bass on fly rod lower Detroit River 5/29/2009

    Getting in on the white bass run -- hit a small bass bug skittered on top
  12. Eye's and Z's custom made rod and walleyes

    Eye's and Z's custom made rod and walleyes

  14. Custom Rainshadow

    Rainshadow 10' 6 wt Drift Rod and 1810
  15. Fuji Alconite Stripping Guide

    Fuji Alconite Stipping Guide. G-Loomis GL3 Blank.
  16. Struble Reel Seat

    Struble Reel Seat on my new G-loomis GL3 Rod. 7 Wt. 9 foot.
  17. G-Loomis Name

    My Latest Rod. G Loomis GL# 7 Wt. 9 foot rod. Bronze and black wraps.
1-20 of 23 Results