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  1. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    Gents ... Just moved back to Michigan (Frankfort area) after 35+ years living & working in NJ. I have a 19' Robalo CC and a 16' Stealthcraft PD, neither of which is outfitted with down riggers and related big lake gear. But I am interested in the early spring stick bait/trolling fishery for...
  2. General Discussion
    if you use a spinning reel what kind of line and #test of line do you guys use? I just moved up by newago and heard that it was known for its trout and salmon fishing in the area. My only experience with salmon is up in the Sault fishing with a spoon off the bridge so any help or info would be...
  3. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Been two weeks since I've been out, raring to go! Anyone else going? I've been checking the wind reports all day long... keep changing I'll just look in the am and decide! I have three rods rigged for perch... two have yellow painted weights and a snelled hook attached to the weight snap...
1-3 of 3 Results