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  1. Basic Varmint Hunting Techniques
    Looking for recommendations for an air rifle .177 pellet gun to get rid of rats and any other varmints that are getting into my garden. I'd rather get something that was worth having long term than just buying a cheapo gun. Can anyone offer any recommendations? I'd prefer a domestic made or...
  2. Rifles
    Recently bought a CMP M1 Garand from 1945 and stupidly didn't take the offer for ammo when I bought it, completely forgetting about the shortage and how M1's generally can't shoot modern hunting loads. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere is sold out of 30-06. The CMP and other websites that sell...
  3. Land Sale - Buy - Lease
    The quality of hunting in Northern Michigan is legendary and Manton/Cadillac area offers some particularly unique advantages. Whitetail Deer hunters flock to this area for bow hunting, rifle and muzzle loading seasons, and are rarely disappointed. Black Bear is also included in the big-game list...
  4. Rifles
    I have 3 350 uppers with picatinny rails which I put on AR receivers. Added 3 x9 Leupold scopes to each one. Went to the range with them today. They functioned mechanically great but .......... they all shot better than a foot high with the down adjustment maxed out. How can I remedy this...
  5. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Hello everyone! This season I will have to switch from Mecosta to Clare County (wife has a cabin there), and I have absolutely no idea where to hunt! I don’t know anyone so it will have to be public land. Any suggestions or ideas would be very much appreciated!
  6. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    So I am moving near Kent City where I will be living not even a mile south of the limited rifle zone. Fortunately, I will also be about a mile south of the Rogue River State Game area which falls north of the limited rifle zone. I like to use my 7mm mag but won’t be able to south of the line. I...
  7. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    What is the standard gun blind to food plot distance? I am talking shooting with a 30-06. I know the closer the higher chances, but I am trying to reduce my exposure....what is the furthest you would position a permanent raised blind from a plot where you expect them to be? I have a great spot...
  8. Michigan Predator Hunting
    Trying to understand rules for coyote hunting. Can I hunt coyote on State land, with base hunting license and or fur harvesters, shooting with a centerfire rifle .204 caliber, during the day? I know this should be easy but I do not work for NASA.
  9. Rifles
    What kind of scope are you guys mounting or recommend to put on the ruger .450 bm?
  10. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    North Ottawa Rod & Gun Club in Grand Haven SAT & SUN 11am-3pm October 21 & 22 October 28 & 29 November 4 & 5 November 11 & 12 ALL ARE WELCOME - PORTION OF PROCEEDS FUND OUR YOUTH SHOOTING PROGRAMS
  11. Hunting Stuff
    up for sale. MGM 24" blued encore barrel with MGM scope base. Comes with reloading dies, brass and some factory ammo. Too much recoil for an 82 year old man.
  12. Out of state hunts
    We have openings this fall for rifle, muzzleloader, and archery hunts. Rifle applications are due July 15 but muzzleloader and archery tags are available over the counter. All hunts are 5 days and include your lodging, meals, and guide. We had a fantastic 2016 season with 100% shot...
  13. Optics
    I am looking for the best scope cover for Out west Hunting. I have had the flip up style break on me. Just wondering your experiences with neoprene style covers. My research shoes the Scopeshieldcover.com seems to be one of the better ones out there. What are your thoughts.
  14. Firearms
    Starting to do some research and savings for my next gun purchase. Currently I have a 12 gauge, AR15, AR15 in .22 caliber, a .44 Rem mag rifle, and 2 9mm pistols. I'm leaning towards another pistol, with the Sig p220 or p227 leading the way. The 9mm's are for concealed carry, and I want a full...
  15. 1030000800

    last years rifle buck
  16. 10300007591

    last years rifle buck
  17. 0702111444

    last years rifle buck
  18. last years rifle buck

    2 year old buck taken off a piece of public land..
1-20 of 29 Results