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  1. red bellyed woodpecker

    red bellyed woodpecker
  2. winter

    morning trap line

    DEC./JAN. trapping
  4. gulfgrouper

    clearwater fl grouper
  5. Nice Gen Red

    Fish porn, at its best.
  6. Big ugly red fox

    Man, those downstate red fox are big...but ugly! Had to give this one a treat as it watched me check my traps :)
  7. Pair of November red fox

    Caught this pair of pretty reds on the way to my deer stand in mid-November.
  8. RedFish

  9. A Brace of Red Heads

    Some Red Heads and I
  10. Yes, I retrieved all these

    Openning day at Fish Point 2001
  11. Red Stag

    New Zealand Red Stag North Island, New Zealand 1995 Outfitter:Shane Quinn
  12. red eft

    Newt pic
  13. Red Eft

    This is the first ever Red Eft I have found, I have found the adult stage that is the Red Spotted Newt though. Nice pic for just learning how-to eh?
1-18 of 18 Results