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  1. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Looks like 6 days of rain in the next 9 and East winds from Saturday through Thursday. That's gonna stir things up. Let the suckage begin. FRANK
  2. General Michigan Hunting
    Hey all - I'm in the market for some new camo and boots. Normally, I hunt out of a ground blind with plenty of cover so my gear is pretty relaxed as far as pattern, warmth, and noise level. Toss on some every day winter boots and I can sit in the blind and no deer would see the difference...
  3. The Neighborhood.8.11.14

    A new lake Macomb County has helped to develop in Warren
  4. Hunting Articles
    Friday October 12th offered high winds and approaching rain. Saturday the 13th and into Sunday 2" of rain dropped and between the high winds, rain, and a continual chaos of noises within the woods, the deer were pinned down, stressed...and hungry. Deer are rhythmic pattern feeders, feeding 5...

  6. Water or Field?

    Brandy on point.
  7. Mr Medium From Paint

    This was second of three in about 45 minutes close to 9:00 on the Paint. Fought like heck.
1-7 of 7 Results