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  1. MichiganSmallGame.com
    Hey guys I really want to get into rabbit hunting and now that we are getting older and starting families my buddies and I can't get together very often to hunt. Is there anyone in the area looking for someone else to bust brush with? I'm a pretty good woodsman and a good shot. I'm not looking...
  2. MichiganSmallGame.com
    Visit www.mihuntandtrial.com to find the next trial, mentors to help you get started, and find clubs in your area!
  3. Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy some rabbits to help train my 6 month old beagle/blue tick puppy hank. Also any suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. General Michigan Hunting
    Hello new to this forum and was wondering if anyone knows where I came get some tame rabbits. Need some tame rabbits to help train hank, my beagle/blue tick mix. From googling it it sound like I should get San Juan rabbits or giant Flemish. Anyone know where I can buy some I've tried Craigslist...
  5. Hunting Articles
    A brace of beagles makes for an ideal hunt. Rabbit Hunting - Owning the Season The snow falls as does the temperature. After a stretch of several months with a revolving door of human activity, the fields and forests now more closely resemble a ghost town. There's no reason to go out there...
  6. rabbit hunt 2/06/05

    we got these rabbits on a bit of a walk. while hunting we kept an eye out for sheds. none to be found
  7. Rabbit hunting 2003

    My dogs, one nephew, and myself with a mess of bunnies
1-8 of 8 Results