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  1. MichiganSmallGame.com
    Hello folks, I live up in the U.P and I'm looking to hunt Cotton Tails with my Beagle south of the Mackinac bridge. Anyone have recommendations on good spots?
  2. MichiganSmallGame.com
    Here's an old photo of my beagle "Pokey" bringing me back a rabbit I just shot. He didn't know he wasn't a retriever. Had him for twelve years before he found and ate some rat poison that was laid out by one of the neighbors and it slowly killed him. I used to take him out all the time. Back...
  3. MichiganSmallGame.com
    Visit www.mihuntandtrial.com to find the next trial, mentors to help you get started, and find clubs in your area!
1-3 of 3 Results