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  1. U.P. 8pt

    8 pt up
  2. pt on hill

    7 pt
  3. 1041

    8pt on scrap on side of hill
  4. opening day southern Mi muzzle loader season

    I hunted the outskirts of the Todd Farm in Allegan County the day they hold the doe shoot in the preserve to hopefully have something shoved out in my direction. Just b4 noon here he came with about a dozen does. It was my first shot at a live target with my new encore. I think he saw me move my sho
  5. 10 pt. comes back in 2007

    This buck was hanging on my property in Sept. 06. When a Kid who had permission to hunt the property to the West of mine started hunting in Oct. He vanished. The young man was not careful in his hunting and his scent blew into my property everytime he went out. This buck showed back up Nov 18, 2007.
  6. Steve_s_8_point_taken_at_Camp_Fire_008

    2007 Arenac Co. 8 pt.
  7. 11 pt

    2007 11 pt
    11 pt
  8. 11-01-07 8pt

    Allegan Co. State land
    8 pt
  9. 4 pnt. '05 bow opener

    4 point taken on the bow opener in 2005 in argyle, mi
  10. 7point/doe

    nov. 16th evening hunt 7 pt 14 1/2" inside 3.5 yr old and 12 yr old doe.
    7 pt
  11. First deer with bow

    first with a bow turned out to be a big 10 pt
    10 pt

    10 pt
  13. Opening Day 6 point

    Shot at 11:00 AM. 130 yard shot with muzzleloader. Chased 2 does across the field... only deer that I saw that day, what a SLOW opener!
  14. 2003 Buck

    6 pt. Buck / 190#
  15. 2001 4 pt

    2001 4 pt shot second sunday of Oct.
    4 pt
  16. My First Buck

    My First buck. Shot in 96 with a bow.
    6 pt
  17. Shouldn't have went home

    1997 Seven pt shot with a rifle
    7 pt
1-20 of 23 Results